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my Strip Raid 0 fail

wsbadry asked
i have made from one yeare ago 4 TB with 2 HDD on HP 8100 PC raid 0 and it working fine
ui use to take backup on that raid from 2 day ago i found that the backup Exec stop to working and i did not found the disk raid partition and i check the raid on the matherbourd bios give me fail hoe i can recover the date from this two hard disk
i make disk check up on the two HDD and they working fine but the raid not working if i recreate the reid from the biging can i have data agin or if i recreate the raid on the two HDD i must reormat thim ?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

If the striped array has failed, your only courses of action are to recover from backup or send the drives out for professional data recovery.  

Certainly you can try to re-create the array, but doing so may erase the data that's on the drives.
Kruno DžoićSystem Engineer

if your RAID is broken, your data is broken because you use RAID 0.

If you have enough space with only one HDD use RAID 1, when raid stop working or one of hdd has a problem, you can rebuild RAID


thanks paulmacd for your replay
if i recreate the raid agin it earese date can i use date recovery to recover the date
Director, Information Systems
Yes, you could re-create the array and restore from backup.  

I would use caution though:  You know something happened to the array once.  There's a real possibility one of the drives has a problem that may occur again.  Your best bet may be to move to a RAID type that offers fault tolerance or redundancy.

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