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TLS is using wrong certificate on exchange 2003

skidms asked
I have 2 certificates on my exchange 2003 server, one personal certificate issues by my exchange server and one from verisign.  

When I send email,  tls is not picking up the ca from verisign, it is using the personal one.  

How do I get my tls configuration to use the ca certificate from verisign.

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Hendrik WieseInformation Security Manager

You should ensure that all services is assigned to the verisign certificate.

Is your certificate a X.509 server certificate?

Have a look at the following link: How to configure TLS encryption on Microsoft Exchange 2003 server
i needed to remove the personal certificate that was created by the microsoft exchange system.  once I did that, it defaulted to the verisign certificate, i am good now. thanks.


Researched and found solution.
Hendrik WieseInformation Security Manager

Moving the services would also have resolved your issue. :)

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