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Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Install problem

Hi all

I just installed Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 on a Dell T710 server.  I also am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Standard on the server.  I keep getting an error that it requires .net framework 3.5 prior to installation.  I have installed .net framework 3.5 sp 1, several times.  I installed Windows installer 4.5 and I am still getting the problem.  I know this is a problem because I have been researching it.  But nothing I find seems to help.  I am desperate, please help.
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Windows Installer 4.5 won't help to fix the .net install issue. If the server isn't live I'd suggest removing all .net versions and getting the standalone .net 4 installer from:

That's worked for the most recent servers I've tried.
You need the merged installer of dotnet framework sp1, for this use these steps:

Copy your SQL setup media to hard drive.
1. Download framework 3.5 SP1
2. extract it to using command :
dotNetFx35Setup.exe /x:c:\dotNetFramework35SP1\          

3. Open the folder where you extracted the files. You will find a folder named "wcu" open this folder as well. You will find a folder named "dotNetFramework".
4. Copy everything inside this folder.
5. go to SQL2008 installation directory at :
6. Paste all these files there and replace existing files.

If this doesn't work, you will need to uninstall the existing .Net framewok and run framework sp1 setup.

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@Rahul - I tried copying the files from my disk to my hard drive, but the files are not able to copy getting an error about not an MS-DOS version.

@JRassmua - I will download net framwork 4 and see if this works.

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I installed net framework 4.0 and it still gave me the same error.
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Have you enabled the .Net role on the server?
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I installed the free version and it worked fine.
If you get back around to it, make sure the .NET role is enabled on the server.  Even if .NET is installed SQL Server isn't aware of it unless the role is enabled.
My steps were to uninstall the current .net and then try .net 4, which I believe was part of the final resolution.

Kudos to me!
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@JRaasumas, no it was not.  I installed net framwork 4 and it still would not install SQL Server 2008.  So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled net framework 3.5 sp1, did not have to install Windows installer, since it was already there.  Then I installed SQL Server 2008 Express instead of the full blown paid for version.
the server isn't live I'd suggest removing all .net versions

In my message I suggested removing .net

You removed .net and then reinstalled (although I suggested version 4).

I mentioned nothing about reinstalling windows installer.

Sorry for the confusion.