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Outlook attachment size Exchange 2010

I installed a server over the weekend and the customers are unable to send an email over 10 Megs.  I went into the EMC into the global settings and changed the files size limits to 50 Megs.  that was yesterday.  They are still unable to send email attachments larger than 10.  Is there another place I should be looking?  I don't even have a mailbox size limit restriction on the users as their server has massive storage capability; so, folder size is not a concern.


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This has been asked many times before, just can't find my post back at the moment. Please have a look here as it nicely explains all settings:


It states 2007 in the url but it also applies to 2010. I always restart system attendant and informtaion store to process changes immediately!
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

That guide will cover it.... the short answer is that there isnt just one place to set it. There are like 5.... been through that pain a couple of times. Thankfully I only have one or two customers that try to send emails bigger than 10Mb.

ChrisLead Infrastructure Architect

do you have an ISP that filters you mail - if the above doesn't work for (which is probably should) then check the settings there


Very easy to follow.  They have a very slow upload speed with ATT.  384K is the max they can get in their area.  It's the only ISP available.  They do have a business account and do not have file size restrictions.  

Thanks for your help!

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