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Exchange Activesync HTC multiple contact folders

Brian_MB asked
Just started testing using HTC inspire and exchange activesync instead of Blackberry device and BES.  My users need a core set of contacts that I control and update, plus they have their own personal contacts.  With BES, I kept a subfolder in each users Outlook contacts of my core contacts (which I open their Outlook, delete the subfolder, and copy new when info changes) and their personal contacts in the root of the Outlook contacts folder.  That way they were kept separate in outlook of each user even though the blackberry devices dumped them all in the same list on the device.  I'm discovering that the HTC won't sync the Outlook contacts subfolder, so I'm trying to find a way to provide them my customized central contacts which I wipe for each user and update when things change and keep it separate from their personal contacts.  Like I said, this is the way I did it with BES so if there is a new way to provide centralized contacts that would be great.  Even the way I was doing with BES was a pain as I had to open each users Outlook, delete my contacts subfolder and copy the new one.  Also worthy of note, most of my users DO NOT have access to outlook themselves.  These are field service technicians and only use their smartphone for contacts and email.
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Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016
this is a product difference for exchange activesync and BES.

by using activesync, the only way to have centralized contacts is using either ACTIVE directory users (for internal staff) or contacts (for external vendor and etc).
then users/contacts will appears in GAL.

you no longer require to maintain individual contact list.
Top Expert 2011
Drop the HTC phone and get iPhones - they sync ALL contact folders from Exchange.

HTC's can only sync the main Contacts folder and nothing else.

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