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Javascript not working in IE9

My site has two Javascript areas. One is a large slideshow and the other is a lightbox effect on a row of images under the slideshow. Both elements work well in other browsers, but in IE9 the javascript doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?


site: http://triadtestsite.com/cedarcreek/
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I'll look at it.  Booting Windows machine.  I see it works in Firefox under Linux.  (You might not be testing for Linux so I thought I'd tell you.)


Thanks, I been looking and it may have something to do with the doctype, but I'm not sure.
I can confirm for you that I see a problem too.  The slideshow doesn't work for me in IE9 either.

Unfortunately, I've used all the time I have for the moment (and have to cease my research).  Hopefully someone else will be along soon.
It might help to turn script debugging on.  Under settings (the gear), Internet Options->Advanced->Browsing->Disable Script debugging (IE).  Uncheck it.

I'm getting an error that $empty is undefined.  Probably not the problem but it is an error.
Line 22
Error: Object doesn't support property or method "colorbox'

Now that might be relevant.
In Firefox you can open the Error Console.

It produces several warnings but also complains about colorbox.  I'm wondering if it's a false positive.  You could ask a moderator (Request attention) if he/she could add this thread to the JQuery zone.

In any event, there are lots of warnings coming from FF and perhaps some of them are part of the problem.  FF could be "ignoring" warnings using one strategy while IE uses a different strategy.

You also might want to visit    http://validator.w3.org/
And fix the 24 errors and 3 warnings it found in the html code.


Thanks for all the help. It was a conflict with the Mootools version that was being used.

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