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How do I get a xml-named datagrid-column

Im trying to select a value from a specific column in a datagrid. That column is defined in a xml-file
firstColumn=dgXML.@firstColumn; // Column7

When I click an item in the datagrid, I want to select the content of that column.;
but it does not work even though everything works perfectedly, when referring the correct column like this.;
firstColumn has been set as String and is correctly traced just above
trace(firstColumn); // Column7; // undefined

What could be wrong

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Are you using XmlListCollection how you defined DataGridColumn and dataProvider and why are you selecting by column name ?
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I dont know of xmlListCollection - I think that is flex. Im in flash.
I dont think how Ive created the datagrid is important.
Let me rephrase the question.
How do i get the value from the first column of a specific row after clicking that row in the datagrid?
Will be faster for me to help you if you will attach your FLA file as CS4
Ive attached a CS4-file.
The textfield should show the value of the first column, but I can only make it show the object.

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Two for one;-)
Absolutely perfect.