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Exchange Outlook We Access

pepps11976 asked
Hi All

I currently have an exchange 2007 server which our company mail is hosted on.
We have recently bought another company and would like to know the following.

Is it possible to add another external URL so the new purchased company could access there webmail via there company name

so at the moment our users use

 webmail.company1.com/owa could we add a secound to say webmail.company2.com/owa

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James HIT Director

As long as the email will be hosted by your exchange server and you properly add SSL cert, there should be no problems.


Can you explain how i would go about adding it in?
IT Director
The URL portion is easy, just go to your web host (i.e. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc...) and create an 'A' record pointing mail.domain2.com to your public IP where your Exchange server is.


but dont you have to add something within exchange at the moment our default one is webmail.company1.com/owa

i thought you have to setup iis Virtual directories etc
James HIT Director

OK. Let's backtrack for a moment here.
Have you setup this second domain on your Exchange server?
How did you setup this second domain on your Exchange server?


I just added the domain as an accepted domain

Ideally i would like it completely seperate from my existing domain beacause i would like to setup a proper hosting enviroment but i suppose thats a different question
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Being on the same exchange server as an additional accepted domain, you could spoof OWA to a different outside domain name but the user would get certificate errors...

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