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Problems booking resources in Outlook

cmlbaete asked
We have recently upgraded from a mixture of office xp and 2003 to Office 2010 and are having some issues since we started the upgrade. We are also still using Exchange 2003

We use outlook for booking "meeting Rooms" which is just a mail enabled AD account. Users book a meeting on their own Calender and then request other users and the resources ie laptop and meeting rooms. When we book meeting rooms and Equipment they must be requested as "resources" which add's them into that resources calender without the user having to accept.

Issue 1 - The first issue is that some people seem to have been able to double book resources - normally if you do this you are prompted that the resource you are requesting is already booked.

Issue 2 - When you cancel a meeting in one of the meeting rooms it cancels it by marking the calender entry as Cancelled but doesn't remove it from the Calender.

I know that Exchange 2010 is much better for resource booking but that is another project for next year.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Watch Question

How is the direct booking configured
a) Outlook as the resource booking agent
b) AutoAcceptAgent

Exchange 2003 Auto Accept Agent vs. direct booking

IMO, both the things *may* be there around in E2010 too
Just the way of other things got changed a lot
This problem has not come back and seems to have stopped being a problem. I would say it was a user problem which may not be untrue but all staff have been shown how to book resources and generally they have been doing it. This may be the odd new starter but its hard to confirm either way.

Thank you to all those who replied.


Although the posting was not new information it was very helpfull for someone else to post what I had been looking at and therefore I am awarding points just on the basis of this member trying to help and posting accurate information I feel that points should be awarded.

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