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Excel 2007 - How do search for an IP in another worksheet and pull additional information?

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12

I have a mass spreadsheet for SMTP Relay IPs and here what I'm hoping to do.

I would like to be able to create a formula that does the following:

If the IP in Current Tab A3 = Range of IPs [B3-B1858] then copy server name within D to current Tab

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So you have two worksheets in the same .xls file, right? and you want to search sheet2 for an IP that is currently in sheet1,right? If the IP is in sheet2 then copy data from sheet2 into sheet1 next to the IP that was searched. Is all this right, if not could you explain your question or provide sample data?


2 worksheets within the same xlsx file.
I have an IP of within a WorkSheet in A3
I want to search the list of the all the IPs listed on another worksheet called 'All Global IPs' within the Listed other IPS - B3-B1858

If the formula matches the IP of from cell A3 within the range on the other worksheet then the it will copy the information from 'All Global IPs' worksheet cell D to show the SMTP Relay server it using

If A3 =, Range All Global IPs! B3-B1858
Show lets say = All Global IPs! B3 then I want to copy the cell information from D3 which is the SMTP Server name.  


any ideas?
=VLOOKUP(A3,'All Global IPs'!A2:C1857,3,FALSE)


figured out vlookup cmd

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