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FTP on different port


I am looking to setup FTP on a different port other than 21, can this be done with a sonicwall router?
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If you router supports port forwarding and the server you are hosting the FTP site on is setup to allow incoming on a different port then yes, absolutley.


i already have ftp setup for a different machine, so i have just created a new service on my soniwall for port 50000 and i will try and get it to port forward to that?
This can basicly be done 2 ways:

Set up the server on a different port then 21 and then forward that port to the server on the firewall/router.

Set up the server on port 21 and use PAT (port address translation) on the firewall/router

Basicly do a PAT like this:

 incoming on your outside IP on port 1234 > translate to your private IP on port 21 

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Just a warning: There's more than just forwarding a different port for FTP, you will also need to configure the firewall to inspect connections on that port for FTP commands. FTP application support also looks at the address/port values passed between the server and client for the data transfer and performs any necessay NAT to allow these connections through.
Also, you may be able to configure your firewall to have FTP use a different port, however you may find that remote clients using their firewalls may not.

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