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Issue with Dual Monitors and Remote Desktop

tmendez2 asked
My office has Windows 7 PC's joined to a SBS 2011 Standard Server domain.  Some of the client PC's have two monitors, and some of the client PC's have only one monitor.  Users do not have any issues logging into their computers remotely, but some of them are having problems when they return to their PC's at work.  I've noticed that after a user who has two monitors at work logs in and out remotely, when they return, all they can see is a mouse pointer with a black background on one of their monitors.  The PC is unresponsive, and the only way to fix the problem is to shut down and restart the PC.  I believe it is a dual monitor issue because the users who only have one monitor at work do not have the same problem. When users with one monitor log in and out remotely, and then return to work, they see the login screen on their PC's as expected.  Is there a way to fix this issue?
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When you log into a PC remotely, the computer changes the display settings (of the computer you are logging on to) to that of the computer you are using to log in remotely.  The only way to correct the problem is to have two monitors connected to the local computer you are using to remote into the original computer with two monitors.


And there is no way to change the display settings back to use dual monitors before logging off remotely?

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