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Anonymous access to printers in a windows domain?


We are working in a multi domain environment as we work to consolidate to a single domain.  Our print server is in DomainA.  

Is there any way to configure a shared printer in DomainA for anonymous or unauthenticated access to users in DomainB?

We really dont want to worry about having to setup trusts at this point.

Windows Server 2008

Thank you
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

As long as the permissions on the printer share are set to allow everyone to print, it should work fine. You'll have to connect to the printers directly, since obviously sharing them through AD wouldn't work for users not in the domain.


so in that case it does not matter what the permissions are set to becuase they wont be connecting to the print server...
Top Expert 2012
No you can not setup unauthenticated access to a domain printer for another domain. You can try to put Everyone in for permissions but that most likely will not work.

What you can do is create batch file that setups the printer with a default domainA user that has permission
EE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional
I just tested this to be sure...

If you try to connect to the printer share on the server, you will be prompted for an AD account. Once you put that in, you can connect and you are done. So you could create a special account in AD for that purpose.

Otherwise as I said, you can connect direct to the printer by IP, but obviously you won't have the ability to see what others have in the queue.
I run small Windows networks, and I never authenticate to access a printer, by printing directly to the IP address.  (Create network port based on IP or hostname.)


Alright.  Just wanted to find out if I had any options.  looks like a blanket user is my best.  Thank you.