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Camera upgrade - your reasons?

how do you make your decision to upgrade a camera..

right now, dsc-p8 is working good and taking good pictures. (can't take videos because it is still in its original memory stick of 16MB). even if I have to upgrade the memory stick, i believe it goes only upto 1GB : page 109 in

from your experience and perspective, what will be reasons to upgrade the camera?
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AWS System Administrator
First, I decide how much I want to spend. Then I make an outline of the features I want. I try to find out what devices in my price range give all the features I want. After that, I try to look at reviews and comparisons to see which performs better. Finally, I try and see if i can try out demo units, to see how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is to hold. Each time I take a step, I whittle down the number of perspective models, until I am left with the one I buy.
Keith BrownAWS System Administrator
That said, my reasons for upgrading a camera is quality of the pictures, and speed. Some of my old cameras were really slow, and made it harder to take pictures, because the cameras were not fast enough. The opportunity for a good photo passed by while I was waiting on the camera, or it ended up being a blurry photo. Also, with new CCDs and lenses, the ability to take higher quality photos increases. My new camera that I got last month (Canon Powershot SX130I) handles low light photos a lot better than my old camera. I couldn't really ever use my old one at night, because it would be grainy.


thanks for the input..

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