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IP Addressing

You are hired to design an IP addressing scheme for five departments that will provide security and access to the Internet. Each department requires between 1,500 – 2,000 IP addresses. The company will have 2,000 IP addresses accessing the Internet at any given time.
Start by designing an IP addressing scheme, then, for each department, assign an IP address range and specify the subnet mask.
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Seems like you have some homework and don't want to figure it out yourself ;-)

As I'm not intending to give such an easy answer I do want to help you figure it out.
The number of available ipaddresses per network are calculated by the subnetmask. There are tools out there to calculate then network for you.

More information that you might need can be found here:

Make sure you use a subnetmask the allows at least 2000 hosts each (class B)
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Just to be clear on this, asking for help in the manner you are, which is simply giving the directions of the homework assignment and expecting others to give you help is violating the guidelines for academic honesty or other unethical behavior, which is against the Terms of Service. When you do so, punishment can be up to, and including, being banned. You're a premium services member, so you'd have paid for something you no longer can use.
Try and think about how many hosts you can have per subnet and alter the subnet mask to suit your needs. Remember you can't use the first and last address of each subnet because they are reserved for the subnet and broadcast address.

Looking at the a subnet mask of There are (2^8) - 2 hosts = 254.

Mask                  Number of usable addresses   254   510   1022   2046   4094

etc ....


Thank you for the help. Understanding all of this is a lot to comprehend. I guess it just takes time and a little extra explaining

Not sure why my answer wasn't marked as the answer as I gave the same info (just not examples, those were very clearly explained in the links I supplied. See the part about Host/Subnet Quantities).


Thanks. I see what you are saying. I got this site from a professor. I will try to follow the rules better here

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