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Stone Cold Mystery

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I'm experiencing intermittent network read/write errors to my file server when people open or close files.  Sometimes it works just fine and other times it gives them the read/write error.

I have completely diagnosed and updated all hardware on the server.  I have run DCDIAG and NETDIAG and all shows clean!  I have replaced the network switch and completely resolved any event log errors.  I have replaced the network cable from the server to the switch as well.

At this point I'm having a cable guy go in to test every cable.  Is there anything else that I should be looking at...perhaps still related to my server?
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well you practically checked everything there is to check.
If your hardware (server) is ok  and you have a new switch the second the last is the cable(which you are checking right now). the last one would be specific computers, and their nics.
does this happen to all your client computers? some of them? random?


This is happening intermittently for the entire office network of 7 Windows XP Pro machines.
Disable your anti-virus client. See if that fixes it.


Disabled anti-virus and it did not fix the situation.  
The only error my server reports is after a reboot and it's Event ID 1054...stating that it could contact the domain controller for this computer due to a network error.  I have since registered DNS and restarted the netlogon service and did not receive the error again, however my network is still unstable for all my users.  
My users are running Windows XP Pro and I noticed when they get the "Windows failed write" error they also get in their system event log the MrxSMB Event ID 50 stating that the Windows failed write happened due to a hardware or network problem.  I have checked all network related cables and devices.  I can't imagine all my NICs are bad, but will be testing with a new NIC on one of the affected machines later today hopefully.  
I'm exhausting my knowledge and resources on this one.  Thanks for any help you can offer!
Your primary DNS on the affected machine should be the IP of your domain controller. If it's not the the first address I.E. the primary DNS server then that might be the cause of your trouble.
After ruling everything out and going against "Dell's clean diagnosis" of the server hardware.  I still installed another new NIC in the server and bypassed the integrated NIC and all is well!  


It just made sense to bypass the integrated NIC in the server based on it being the only logical piece of hardware that all the PCs had in common.
I've been notified that this will be closed. I'm fine with that.

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