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XP user accounts directory on local machine

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Our clients are running XP Pro in a 2003 Active Directory domain. We recently created a new domain in 2008. How comes when that user logins for the first time there isn't a new user profile created on his machine? I would think because he's in a new domain, under Documents and Settings there would be a new profile called Bob.Smith.NewDomain. Instead his user profile is still Bob.Smith.

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Two questions:

Does the new domain have a different domain name? (I am assuming yes).
Is the person that is logging on selecting the new domain name from the list of domains in the drop down menu on the signon page?


Yes the domain has a different name. The user is selecting the new domain from the drop down menu on the sign on page.
When you created the new user then it uses a new CLSID that is not the same as the old domain controller, so the user account will be trated as different.

You may need to use the domain migration tools that comes with WS2008  so that the user migration will be clear.

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