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Create working schedule's that take heed of working days and holidays

Gianni asked
I have an application for the management of Prevenive maintenance based on access database or mysql.
After setting up maintenance frequency and date of first pm, the application generate reports for the preventive maintenance schedule, with the information of the dates of scheduled maintenance.
The problem is that the application doesn't take care of holidays,saturdays and sundays, when calculating the next date for preventive maintenance.
Is there any thechnical solution to this problem? Should be created a teble with the indication of holidays, saturdays and sundays calendar?

Regards, Gianni.

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Awarded 2011
Awarded 2011
There are Java libraries which calculate business days excluding saturdays and sundays and in some cases also holidays.
let me know if you are interested in Java programs like that- I'll then get the links and possible some examples
Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support Manager
yes, setup a holiday table and the design is upto you on how you want to design that. either you want to store all non working days ( public holidays, all SAT and SUN ) or only public holidays and take SAT/SUN into account while executing the logic.

You need to have a procedure/function written which goes through this holiday table and gives you the next working date accordingly.


I accepted two solutions, because they gived me what I need: two options that can be followed to develop a functionality to calculate a date that takes care of working days.

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