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I changed an email address in Exchange and now in Outlook the old email is still cached.

JRome225 asked
I recently noticed a users email address was mispelled so I took the initiative to spell it right. Now her email adress in the address book is still the old one. What is the proper procedure to update the address bookso that the autofill uses her new email address.
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When you type in the email in the To: field, as soon as you see the cached version pop up hit the delete key on the keyboard.

Type in the correct one and you're good to go.
The old email address in the address book usually takes around 24-48 hours to update with Outlook in cached mode.
(It will update automatically)
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Address book will update as users close and open their outlook.

You can confirm the address spelling has changed on the server by sending in a test message from outside.

Keep in mind if the user has external email contact, you might want to keep the misspelling active until she lets people notice.
But.. for the auto fill to update (after the address book is updated) you will still need to do what JRaasumaa said.
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
Top Expert 2011

If you have renamed the Account in AD and Exchange - restart the Exchange Information Store and the name should change.

You may need to wait for the Address Book to update, or manually encourage the update:

Update-globaladdresslist "Global Address List Name"
Update-offlineaddressbook "Offline Address Book Name"
Update-FileDistributionService SERVERNAME -type oab
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Is the user's NT account mispelled too? Your address policy may be overwriting your changes if you dont disable it.
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Just to clarify, are we talking about the address book, or the auto-complete that pops up when someone enters her address in the "to" line in Outlook?

The former can be fixed by searching for and deleting the .nk2 file, but bear in mind that will clear all the auto-completes.
The first comment is correct that if only one auto-complete is wrong you can just press the delete key when it pops up to delete it.  It will start using the new address for the auto-complete after the address book is updated and an email is sent to that user.


On exchange all of emails are correct but the auto-complete has it wrong. How do I check the address policy and have it propagate down to Outlook?
Is the address book updated with the correct email?
Sr. Systems Engineer
Auto complete or a GAL lookup? these are different. Browse to the user in the Global Address List... if it is correct there, then it is just the NK2 storage that has it wrong. Is it only one affected pc or all of them?

The posts above are telling you how to remove cached NK2 entries.

If you go to the email address properties in Exchange and the addresses havent been reverted to the mispelled ones, then your address policy is fine.


Good answer.

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