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GLPI and Ocsinventoy integration

D_wathi asked
Dear Experts:
Installed VM of OCS Inventory NG Management server on Ubuntu which is available from the ocsinventory website.
hostname of this is ocsinventory-ng

 and also created one more VM and installed ubuntu server as guest and configured GLPI.
hostname: glpi.
 therefore ocsinventory on one server and glpi on another server tried to integrate OCSinventory and GLPI, hence enabled OCSNGmode in GLPI web console and entered the ip address of ocsinventory-ng server ip adddress and database user name as "ocs" and password as "ocs", iam getting the error message as:
Connection to OCSNG database
Connection to the OCSNG database failed
Attached glpi login page for your reference, please help me how to resolve this. Thanks in advance

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Top Expert 2012
Check the application's logs if there are more details to the error.  Check also the following:

1.  Can you ping the database VM from the GLPI VM?  If not, then resolve the connectivity problem first.
2.  Can you access the database via mysql client from the GLPI VM?  i.e. mysql -u ocs --password=ocs -h ocsweb ?  If you get something like access denied to ocsweb database, then you need to grant access to the user from that IP i.e. grant all on ocsweb.* to ocs@ identified by 'ocs';  If you get timeout or connection refused errors, then the database VM's firewall is not allowing access from outside, and you need to resolve that.


thank you very much.