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Integrating SharePoint 2010 with SSRS

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Last Modified: 2012-08-13

I'm trying to integrate SharePoint 2010 server with Reporting Services on SQL 2008 server (SP server & SQL server reside on separate Windows machines). I've installed the reporting services on SQL Server and have completed the Reporting Services Configuration Manager set-up.

When I try to configure Reporting Services Integration from Central Admin on SharePoint I get an error (please see the attached image).

After some research I found a solution on msdn blog; to add Service Principal Name to the domain controller.


1. Open the Reporting Service Configuration Management.
2. Go to 'Service Account' tab, remember the account name.
3. Logon the Domain Control with domain administrator.
4. Register the SPN for the account we got from step2. We need to register the following two SPNs.
        SETSPN -A HTTP/VMT-MOSS:86 <service account>
        SETSPN -A HTTP/VMT-MOSS.domain.com:86 <service account>
5. Now, make sure we are able to access the Report Server from all clients(e.g. the SharePoint server, the clients)

My Question:

I believe the above solution will fix my problem as well, however, both the SharePoint 2010 server and SQL server are part of different domains. I do not know from which domain controller will the SPN needs to be added? DC for SharePoint or SQL?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. ErrorMessage
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You need to give the login for sql server. It could be either windows or sql authentication. Windows authentication should work as long trust is setup between the domains...


I actually did provide windows credential for an administrator account. Didn't catch that during the screenshot though.


Thanks, I think I need to add the Report Server to the SharePoint farm. Will try the above steps and will get back with the results.


Perfect! That was the issue. Added the Report server to the SharePoint farm and was able to Integrate the Reporting Services with SharePoint 2010.

Thanks much for your help!


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