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Dual Monitor setup with one montior being touch screen

Deerek11 asked
Hello I am setting up this dual monitor setup. The pc is running Win7 Home Pre. with a dell STS2420L 24 inch as the main monitor and a second monitor dell 22' touch screen requires a usb connection for the touch model STS2220T. The first monitor is connected threw HDMI cable while the second is vga connection and the problem is when I touch the second monitor I see the action on the main monitor not on the touch screen, now if I go into the setting of the pc and change the setup to the touch screen is the main monitor it works but the goal was to have the main 1st monitor 24' on the desk and the touch off to the side that easy to reach to touch.  it would not look right to have the 2nd touch monitor as the main monitor ... hopefully this makes sense and help would be appreciated.
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1 . Check your graphics card can support two monitors output.
2.  Set the display mode to ' Extend ' or  ' Clone ',  you can try both of them.

Stretch option isn't available in Vista or 7. Only Extended and Clone. If you want to stretch your desktop (having multiple monitors act as 1) you'll have to downgrade to XP.
from micrcosoft:
Q: Will Windows 7 feature the horizontal span display mode?
A: Due to the WDDM specification from Windows Vista horizontal spanning is not supported. As Windows 7 builds on this driver specification it will NOT have this "feature" either.

Perhaps this video clip can help to give you a better picture on how to configure it step by step:



Thanks, I do have them both setup correctly and with extend displays and works fine but the touch feature on the second dell montior when I touch it I see the action on the 1st non touch monitor.  Do you think that MurGeeMon software will allow me to set a setting to allow the second monitor to be a touch monitor?
I am not familiar with MurGeeMon software

However, you can try the method suggested in this Microsoft forum:



Thanks for your help