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SQL Server 2005 - Maintenance Plans Check

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I've got some general maintenance plans setup for several databases I'm running on one SQL 2005 server.  I believe the jobs are running normal with no errors.  Where do I go wihtin SQL Management studio to see the listing of all the jobs, when they last ran, whether they were successful, and next run date.  Its easy to view this in SQL 2000.  I can't believe it wouldn't be easier within SQL 2005.
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Chris MangusDatabase Administrator
A quick way is to run EXEC dbo.sp_help_job from msdb.
Thanks...actually you can just click on Activity Monitor to view all the jobs and their success/failure under one simple pane.  So it is just as simple as SQL 2000.  Run a command/script is not something I shy away from, but why do it if you have a simple one click within Studio Manager.


I'm selecting my own answer.  In the time I waited for a response, I found my own answer.

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