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How best to get results from sites like Freelancer and vWorker?

RickBock asked
Greetings all, sorry for a sort of vague question but I'm hoping that some folks have had better experiences with sites like Freelancer and vWorker than I have and can give me some hints.

I'm on my fourth or fifth attempt at getting something written and every time it seems that a developer accepts the project, runs the clock out and then decides that they can't do it.  It's not really costing us any money but time is something of an issue and we've wasted a lot of it at this.

The project itself isn't all that complex - I simply need a VB, VB.Net, or C# method of sending a PJL command to a printer via USB or parallel cable and receiving the response back from the device.  

My project description grows more detailed with each post and now includes a screen mock up and a five page design document.

And just this morning I've had to re-post it again as another developer has dropped out.

Thanks for any suggestions, and if you happen to know how to write thing $*#&ing thing feel free to chime in :)
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Whenever I use outside developers, I use Odesk.com.  The money goes into escrow and you don't pay until the project is done, tested and working.  I have used it 4 times, and 100% each time.

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