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how to check if TRIM is enabled on my SSD drive

Dan asked
I have a Dell PC with a samsung SSD.  I am running windows 7 pro 64 bit.  I've set the "fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0", and restarted, but how do I know if it's actually working?
Any thoughts?
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with your "fsutil behavior set disablenotify 0" you have activated trim, if you run cmd as admin and type "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify" , you can check if trim is enabled or not.

DisableDeleteNotify = 0  - enabled
DisableDeleteNotify = 1 - disabled

other option is to just benchmark the performence from the beginning of your ssd and from time to time benchmark it, if the performence nearly the same, its enabled.

a nother option is following:

SSD nearly filled up with data
SSD benchen
delete data on SSD ,  so that they are in the recycle bin
empty recycle bin
wait around 10min
new ssd bench. still nearly same result, its enabled.
I believe the answer that you looking for is in here:

DanNetwork Engineer


My expert:The article you sent me is telling me the same thing about the disabledeletenotify option, so that's not helping. I even downloaded the program "crystal disk info", but that didn't say anything about the HD.

Teargas: so you're saying just put some large files on the drive to fill it up, and then how do I benchmark it?
How do you know that by benchmarking it both times, how is that going to prove that the TRIM function is working?  What if adding tons of garbage on my HD will slow it down, even after I delete the data?

1. afacts you can run the command in cmd as i descriped and you will see the result

2. benchmark you can use HD Tune and / or AS SSD

just do some benchmark and you can safe the results or make a screenshot, and i think you'll see the difference if their is some difference.
DanNetwork Engineer


Thanks guys, I spent enough time on this issue.

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