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Win7 - Windows Update won't Update

I have a Windows 7 machine that, when I run the Windows Update program, gives me an error that says:

Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running.  You may need to restart your computer.

Restarting the computer does not help.  When I check the Windows Update service, the status is "Started".  The Startup type is "Automatic (Delayed Start)".

Changing the type to manual and stopping/restarting results in no error message and no action when the "Check for Updates" button is pressed.  

How can I get this machine to update?  Thank you
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Hendrik WieseInformation Security Manager

Try the following, I found it at the reference site below:

Working solution for your problem
You may want to try this . as some reg values may be missing
open this link http://www.blackviper.com/Windows_7/Services/Windows_Update.htm    . down the page you find title

Registry Settings (.reg):
copy text under it into say a text file and change extension to .reg

run the file ,click yes wait confirmation and restart your computer .    then check and see if my solution works for you



Doesn't work - URL redirects here:


and I don't see the registry settings

Run system readiness tool

If u have win7 64 bit then run this

If u have win7 32bit then run this

Reboot computer and then check windows updates.

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markdolar--Perhaps of help.

http://support.microsoft.com/ph/6527#tab3  (there is also a Microsoft telephone number for free help with Security.   1-866-727-2338   Since many failed updates involve Security, you should qualify.  Be sure to emphasize the issue is Security so you are not charged.




Sorry this is so long, but you could also run SFC /SCANNOW from a command prompt.

Have you tired to turn the windows firewall off and update, of course its not a good security measurement, but try that too. or try following

delete the following log file and restart the PC, then try to update.
Hendrik WieseInformation Security Manager

Run the following FixIt to reset the Windows Update component:


Sorry about the previous link.
This advice is too little and too late.  Nevertheless it's worth considering.  In my opinion, the Golden Age of viruses transmitted over the Internet is over, and these painfully frequent Windows updates are now unnecessary and, at times, risky.  This is especially true for computers not directly exposed to the Internet (i.e. behind a hardware firewall or even a home-office router).  Users need to be trained to avoid viruses, and once a computer workstation is working well, then Windows updates are not necessary..... UNTIL something besides viruses makes them update.  What else makes updates necessary?  The unnecessary march forward of features of Internet Explorer, and websites insisting on these new features.  Drivers that aren't working well may be helped with Windows updates.  (etc)
In the course of trying these ideas, the disk has been rendered unbootable.  It goes into boot repair and fails.  Thanks for the suggestions; the right one might have been in here somewhere, but I "can't get there from here".


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