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Cant ping one way across a vlan but not the other

jbell72 asked
I have 2 vlans set up...



Machines in vlan 1 can ping across to vlan 2 just fine.

Machines in vlan 2 can ping the vlan2 gateway, but can not get past the GW.

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Most likely either the GW is not allowing ICMP requests on the ports from VLAN 2 to 1, in which case you will need to change the GW rule. Or the client you are trying to ping is not responding due to firewall configuration on the client itself.


Theres no firewalls. Other vlans talk across just fine. And what is a gw rule?

"And what is a gw rule?"
I was referring to the gateway having access lists that allow or block certain types of traffic.

The other thing to check is that the VLAN2 client has a correctly configured gateway address. Also check the routing tables on the client and the GW.


No access lists.

I will double check the client but I am pretty sure the gw is set to Actually it is, I can ping while on the client(client is, just cant ping that client from from vlan 1 past
Your router is the middle man between vlans. So, that's were the access lists apply to allow/deny ICMP.

If not, folks on VLAN 1 may have a software firewall blocing ICMP. Windows firewall does this by default. So, check the clients on VLAN 1 for a software firewall that blocks ICMP.

--client software firewall


AHHHHH haaa. I cant believe it. My test machine had its firewall on. Once I turned it off I could oingit from the other network. Rookie mistake. Thanks.

That's why in the first reply I said "Or the client you are trying to ping is not responding due to firewall configuration on the client itself."

Nevermind, it happens to us all at some point ;)

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