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Will my T1 WAN connection benefit from WAN optimization?

mangamonster asked

We recently moved most of our production servers to a data center, and our WAN is connected via a private T1. We are experiencing quite a bit of lag during peak hours with our file sharing and exchange servers. We have approximately 20-30 users on the network at any given time.

Will our tiny T1 pipe benefit from costly WAN optimization solutions? If so, what are some suggestions for optimizing our WAN on a small business budget? I'm thinking no more than $5k.

Thanks for your time~!
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Sr. Systems Engineer
1.5 Mb is tiny indeed... you can optimize it all you want. It wont increase the bandwidth. Either bind in more T's or get a better pipeline.


Thank you gcoltharp for your suggestion. I have also asked some colleagues who are network engineers, and they also stated that the small gain, if any, in network performance would probably not be able to leverage the costly investment in WAN optimization software/hardware.

I will need to regroup with my staff and come up with a more immediate short term solution for our needs.

Thanks again!


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