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dual monitors remote desktop server 2008 enterprise (32-bit)

Hey Guys,

I have a Server 2008 Enterprise SP2 box that my users are connecting up to (remote desktop) with dual monitors. We are unable to use dual monitors connecting up to the Enterprise box, we can only do "spanning" which is, well, useless really.

We have another Server 2008 Standard R2 box (exchange server) that we can connect up to and use the extended view for 2 monitors. However, I realize this is a feature built into R2.

Any way to configure Enterprise SP2 to work like Standard R2? Pretty silly if you ask me that ENTERPRISE can't do it. Since it's 32-bit Enterprise, I can't upgrade to Enterprise R2.

May consider virtualizing this server with EXSI if I'm unable to do it and installing another instance of Standard R2.
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Well the feature wasn't ready yet when Windows 2008 Server Standard or Enterprise was deployed but was ready when R2 was deployed. I remember there were some problems with this feature and this is why it was pushed to the next kernel release
Yeah, there's never been an update for the server functionality from RDP 6.1 to RDP 7.0, so there isn't a way to make the "multimon" support work for any 2008 that isn't R2.


Figured as much :(

Sounds like I will have to do virtualization on this beast.
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