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Memory Identification Appliance

snake454 asked
Hello Experts!

Over the years, when scrapping old client computers, I have accumulated a box full of memory sticks.  Most of these sticks are from very old PCs.  Sometimes they are clearly marked but most of the time…not.  Does anyone know if there is a “bench appliance” that I could snap these sticks into…that would read and identify the type of memory stick was inserted?
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it is possible to tell if a RAM is DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 by just looking at them. We dont have to insert it into some hardware to pin point that. In-fact all the three RAM are having different kinds of notch attached to it. Please follow the figure available in the following link to learn more about identifying different RAMs.

Title: How to identify RAM sticks just by looking at them
Link: http://www.trickmaker.com/2011/03/how-to-identify-ram-sticks-just-by.html

Hope this gives you a clearer picture in identifying different RAMs
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here is one :  http://www.memorytesters.com/

looks like you need to buy a tester for each ram type here :  http://www.simmtester.com/
This website give us a quick glance on RAM technology (with photo attachment as well as the measurement of each type of RAM modules). Hope this will help:



Awarding 1/2 of the points to nobus because he\she gave me a solution to what I had asked for in my question...ie...an appliance to test and identify RAM.  However, I have no intention of spending $ 10K for these test appliances so the identification guides\links provided by jimsweb and my_expert were most helpful.

THANKS to all!!
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if budget is concerned - you should post it

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