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Auto cad 2007 doesnt load

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Our Drafter computer recently got a virus on it.  Its removed and everything is good.
Except her autocad 2007 does nothing. U click a time glass comes up for a second than back to cursor.  Now when i log in as another user the program fires right up.
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the software.
She has a win xp sp3 machine we use a small bus 2003 server system.
Can this be fixed with out deleting her entire profile, as that would be bad.
Or if that is the only way can i make it so it seems like nothing happened,
Cause if i do a windows files transfer and than just transfer it back after deleting the profile wont that just mess up the reg again?  
Would really like to find a way to do this without deleting her profile.
Please let me know asap.
(also have done the xp roll back to 2 diffrent dates to no help)
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Try following the guidelines posted here:

This should completely remove AutoCAD from the workstation. Then reinstall the software and see if the user still has the same problems.

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