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Dominos server

kriiis asked
I am new user to dominos and vitualisation.
I need your help to solve the below issue.
today, I received a a message when opened the lotus notes 7 "  Server no longer responding ".
This impacted all the users in our company.
I can able to ping the domino server, but i can't able to login via rdp using the credentials.
It has been during for an hour after that we can able to acces our lotus notes.
But it is very recurrent

Y'esterday, i received an alert from Vmware vcenter to my lotus email  saying that " virtual alarm memory used , the status of vitural machine alarm is passed from yellow to green "
metric yello is superior 85%
metric roule is superior 95%

acutal status : used 81 %

Any steps that i can take check what is the problem and fix this issue permanently ?

Thanks for your help

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VMware and Virtualization Consultant
Expert of the Year 2017
how many concurrent users?

how much memory in the VM, seems its memory starved?
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

"Server not responding" usually means that a TCP/IP-connection cannot be established with the server. That could mean a number of things:
- the Domino server is down (the Domino server doesn't respond to a ping)
- the server has a network problem
- your system has a network problem
- your Notes isn't configured the right way (Notes doesn't have the network info to connect to the server)
- the network itself is down, or incorrectly configured.

In such cases, open the Preferences in your Notes client, and do a Trace to the server, in order to see how the client tries to connect and where it stops.


Thanks for your quick reply

We are less than 100 employees. do you mean that there is no free memory for the reason all the users are connected at same time ?
The weird thing is i received this alert msg yesterday to my account. yesterday no one is working on the server.

I dont know how much memory in VM, how can i check that ? i am new to this company.

Sjef bosman >> 

Domino server is not down, cause  i can able to ping the server when i had this message. Only i can't able to log into the server using identifications, it refused the connection.

And also it happened twice a day, after that clients can able to connect into the server.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
Expert of the Year 2017
check the actual virtual settings, properties?

do you have access to the ESX host using vSphere client?


I am back home. i am not in company right now.

I am really novice to these aspects. i am sorry. how can i access the ESx Host vsphere client ?

We acutally have vmsphere. and i do have access to domain controllers, virtual servers, dominos servers...

if you kindly explain me how to access, i will check that and let you know tomorrow

Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

> Domino server is not down...
That is not a conclusion you may draw from the fact that a ping succeeds. All you can say is that the physical or virtual Windows server is running, because the lower networking levels respond to a ping. Whether the Domino server process is running you can't see that way. You really have to use the Trace facility: File/Preferences/User Preferences (or equivalent), Ports, Trace, select your server's name or type the address, and start a trace. I'd love to see the info that you get.
I had similiar issues. Sometimes the network interface in the VM got stuck.
Just disabling it for the specific VM and re-enabling it solved it.


By restarting the server, i fix this issue temproarily...I think its virtual memory issue.
I will let you know

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