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Exchange 2007 replacing attachments with att00001

InfoTechEE asked
Whenever a user fills out our web form our Customer Service receives an email along with any attachments the user sent. All the attachments are being renamed with att00001, att00002, etc.

These weired attachments do not have an extension. However, when saved to desktop, and renaming the file to the appropriate extension fixes the issue. I'm just wondering why is Exchange doing this and how do I fix this?
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is this the same behavior for the normal mail flow ? I mean when mails comes from the internet mail user /outlook are their attached also renamed or not ? or is it only with the mail comes from the web form.

this could be issue with web programing etc ...please check.


It's only happening with the web form. However, when we tell the web form to send emails to my personal MSN account, everything comes through just fine.


no solution
Madan SharmaConsultant

InfoTech EE if you didn't get any solution then why are you grading point you can also close the question without assigning points.

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