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photoshop crash but not using remote desktop

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Last Modified: 2013-11-21
windows 7
photoshop 5.1
log in sat at computer as domain admin, photoshop works ok
log in sat at computer as a student or staff and photoshop crashes after file/new or opening anything.

login in remote desktop as ANYONE and it works ok!

what's going on?
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Either permissions or an error in that students profile.  


That link lists all profile locations. Make sure you read it and only delete what it tells you or you will be re-installing Photoshop. Clear the preference file under that students user profile. Bet that fixes it.


thanks for the idea. the students do use a mandatory profile so I'll look at ur link but staff who also have the issue don't, their profile is created at login. there are 100's of potential staff to login as we're a school.
other sites suggest a printer issue and thf fact a network printer may not be compatible but I must have the 1 room network printer installed and nothing else as the pcs get used for lots of other stuff. are there any further comments or ideas?
I would suggest a call to Adobe.

Photoshop is very picky about sharing resources across a network. I have seen many setups mess up because a user would open and work on a file that is not on their own machine. Adobe warns against this, but doesn't have any safeguards to warn you when you are doing it. Some users tell me that they did this for years without any problem, then suddenly all kinds of strange behaviors pop up.

I have experienced similar problems on local machine when I installed a newer version of Photoshop into a different core folder than the earlier version. MattyW, I think was on the right track.

This can often be traced back to the preferences pointing to resources in different locations than where they are actually found. However, there's not any way to track this down through questions and answers in a forum--if that is even where the problem lies.

I'm not saying that your problem was caused by working on files across a network, I just mention that as a way of understanding how fickle the user profiles can be on a network setup.

I would give Adobe a call and be persistent. It's sometimes difficult to get your problem past the initial call taker and into the hands of someone competent to help you, but stand your ground.

If you have trouble with customer service, let us know and we'll try to help out.


the the Faulting Module is listed as nvogl32.dll which apparently is the Nvidia graphics driver. I have updated to the latest driver from the Nvidia site but same error.
if it was a driver hardware issue it doesn't really explain why a domain admin logged into the same machine doesn't get the error...

i will look at my adobe support conatrct but any thoughts on this nvogl32.dll message?

> i will look at my adobe support conatrct

You get two free calls each time you update a product. (the second must be used within a week of the first) This is something else that Adobe doesn't make real clear.
we have actually found a workaround to disable openGL (with a reg key), photoshop now opens as usual but I assume will be slower etc.

thanks for your help.


found answer from other EE post