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Exchange 2003 and Internal Employee Phone List

csimmons1324 asked
Currently our receptionist maintains a spreadsheet of all of our employees.  Within this spreasheet is the employees phone extension and mobile number (used for outside sales guys and other people that are on call).  Everytime the spreadsheet is updated the receptionist emails it out to all employees.

I would like to streamline this process a bit more and get this information stored in one cetnral location.  We are running Exchange 2003 and I was curious on the best approach to doing this.  Should this information be placed within Active Directory under the employees account so that the information can be seen within the address book in Outlook?  Should I create a public contact list under the public folders and hold this information there?  Or do you recommend another approach?
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Use the Global Address list and permission the user making the updates via GALMOD tool
If you complete the information in Act. Dir., then all users should have access to it under the contacts.  If you want the receptionist to continue to maintain the list, you will need to install the Active Directory management console on her computer and give her access to be able to change the phone numbers as needed.  You would not have to create a public list as long as everyone has access to the contact list via Outlook or the OWA.
csimmons1324IT Manager


I attempted to install the Active Directory Management Console on her computer.  How do I go about giving her permission to only change the phone number?  Is there any good tutorial online that you could point me to?
Right click on the domain name and click delegate control.  Follow the wizard to grant access to the individual(s).

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