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tracking a web-campaign with one landing page

lithocolor asked
We want to send out 10,000 webkeys and each can have a unique identifier embedded into it. We don't want to create 10,000 subdirectories on our site so how to manage analytics to measure who visited?
We want to do this our-self vs having someone manage this for us as we have in the past. They are not purls as there is nothing personalized regarding content for each visitor. We provide the manufacturer in china with the data as to which key has what unique identifier for the url. example www.mycampaign.com/12ErtRe34  or it could be 2ErtRe34.mycampaign.com etc.
I am sure there is a way to do this, just trying to minimize my time arriving at the solution.
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The first thought that comes to mind is to us a database.  You have a unique key so use that to create the necessary tracking information.


Sounds like a lot of work. I was hoping that google analytics might be able to do this or perhaps a web page with some javascript to trap the additional identifier data into a field (to a db) and then redirect.
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I don't think that Google Analytics can help much. They are not going to get the id for you. The fact is you have to captur the information and store it.  Any method is going to be some work.  Database is probably the easiest way.
You can pass your identifier through the url using a Google Analytics campaign parameter and your GA code will automatically store it in your campaign reports. For example:


However, Google Analytics does not have a lookup table feature like other paid solutions such as WebTrends and Omniture do. So you can't automatically have your IDs parsed out into more meaningful reports. You would have to export your GA campaign reports and create a custom solution yourself in a spreadsheet or database to translate those values. Google Analtyics also has an API which I beleive is still in beta but you could also try that. Like others have said though, there is no simple solution currently with Google Analytics. If you have been considering a paid analytics solution this would be one more reason to choose somthing like Omniture or WebTrends as they make this whole process very simple by using lookup tables.

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