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Synchronization Solution

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
We are looking for an out of the box synchronization solution for our company.
We have approximately 100 workstations that are collecting data 24x7.  We need to be able to a one-way synchronize of the data from each workstation to a QNAP filer.  We are currently using powershell and robocopy on a Windows 2008 server to execute this task.

The biggest requirement we have is that we can not copy any data that has a modified date that equals the day the sync is being run.  So, if the sync is set to run every morning at 5am and today is November 2nd it must skip any files with a modified date of November 2nd.
Also, the solution must be a true copy.  We can not backup the data to catalog files.

We have looked into solutions such as GoodSync, Aspera and AllSync and none of them are able to meet the requirement of excluding today's modified date.  The best they are able to do is exclude the past 24 hours or we have to create a script to modify their filter settings.  We want to get away from scripts all together and have one GUI central application to manage from.

Any good suggestions?
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Not sure if it meets your requirements, but i've used Viceversa and liked it:
also syncback

Did you try Acronis Backup and Recovery Incremental Backup
Daily as per the scheduled task it creates a new backup file of the modified data only
In this way less traffic is generated from the source machines and only the updated data is transferred to the NAS

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