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VLAN with unmanaged switches


I have actually Cisco and HP switches.
The Cisco are manageable but not the HP.

The computer connected on the HP switches must access on the VLAN23, but I can't tagged the port switches in VLAN23 because they are not manageable.

The switchport access vlan 23 equivalent in HP ....

How can I do ? Can we configure the NIC of the computer in a specific VLAN ?

Thanks for your solution.
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If everything thats connected to the HP switch is supposed to be in the same VLAN, then thats not a problem at all.

if you want multiple VLANs to be shared by the non-managed HP switch, thats impossible.

As for the 1st cause, just make the port which the HP is connected to as an access port, so the whole "outside" of that port is untagged, and only untagged traffic passes to the HP switch, then tag the traffic from that port on the Cisco and do w/e you need to do.


Indeed, all the computer connected to HP switch belong to the same VLAN, VLAN23.

Then I just need to setup the Cisco port linked to the HP as :

# switchport access vlan 23

These command tag all packet directed to the HP with VLAN23.

Did I need to configure the NIC card of the computer in a VLAN or not ?
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No, you don't need to configure the Nic cards. Just configure the port on the cisco switch that is connected to the hp switch to vlan 23.
just set the port on the cisco to

interface x
  switchport mode access
  switchport access vlan 23

this will make the switchport send out traffic natively without any 802.1q tags.

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