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QoS ? Network saturation


I have 7 servers connected to a gigabit switch.  These servers have agents installed that take snapshots every 15 minutes and send the data to another local server on the same network (business continuity device).  Occassionally, it seems that the agents saturate the network when pushing the snapshots to the BDR device... up to  400 Mbps or so that I've seen.

Is the best option to resolve this to configure QoS on the switch?  It's a managed Cisco SG 300-20...and I've never done that.  Thoughts?  I need the highest priority to be RDP-3389 - How do you config this on this switch through the web interface?

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I guess a separate network for transfering the snapshots would be better than any shapping.
QoS doesnt sound good in this scenario, but you can use ACL to mark the packets via DSCP and priorize RDP traffic... but I still donst like it for your problem.


What if I put the Backup servers in their own VLAN that has bandwidth throttling enabled?
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I agree, start by putting them in their own vlan first. Test it. Then go from there if the results are the same. In that case then apply qos at the L3 boundary.
Are you using the latest firmware for your Cisco 300s?  The latest firmware is more flexible and can do more but not as complex as a Cisco Catalyst but close enough, also CLI is a lot better in the new firmware :)

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