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temporary e-mail hosting

Patrick asked
We're going to be doing a massive building re-model at our office and one issue could potentially be power to the building for an extended period of time to power the network. Can anyone reccomend a temporary hosting partner or offer any advice to the problem? We have static IPs through our ISP, cisco firewalls, Exchange 2007, server 2008, etc.
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you can put your servers to ISP Data Center or any Server Hosting Company's Data Center for the time being. by doing this there are only little changes in your DNS records
Top Expert 2011
You can use a service such as http://www.mxsave.com/ to keep email flowing during your network outage.

If you need access to mail during the outage, consider http://www.mxsave.com/email-continuity.html
If 'store-and-forward' will suffice, simply setup a backup MX such as http://www.mxsave.com/services-backup-mx.html

I'm sure they will explain what to do, but all that is needed is to create an additional MX record for your domain with a higher priority than your primary MX.

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