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liveCycle settings don't stick

KCTechNet asked
Using LiveCycle to create a PDF form, I have different settings, such as Font Size, Limit Length to Physical area, tab order changes, etc that don't "stick".  I can make the change, save the document, close it, and re-open with LifeCycle and the changes are not truly saved.  I don't think it can be a permissions thing because I can add new fields and such that do save.

Any ideas?
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You probably have more than one instance of LiveCycle Designer loaded on your machine.  

In addition to being available as a stand-alone installation, LiveCycle Designer ES is included with Adobe Acrobat® Pro, Acrobat Pro Extended, and LiveCycle Workbench ES. Multiple instances of the same version of Designer ES installed on the same computer can cause unexpected issues. To prevent conflicts, the installation of Designer ES, and any applications that include Designer ES, verifies whether any instances of Designer ES exist on the current computer. If Designer ES instances do exist, the installation of Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Pro Extended, or Workbench ES may or may not proceed depending on the specific situation.



thank you.  I will check this out.


I was able to use another computer and the document saved no problem.  So it must be something to do with the install.


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