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Setting up roaming profiles on Windows XP using Windows Server 2008

How do I create a roaming profile on Windows Server 2008, so that my Windows XP user can go from computer to computer with the same profile?
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If it's SBS you can use the server manager to accomplish this with ease.

Otherwise there is a great article here:


Steps work in 2008 for the most part.

Also, if you have machines with Vista or 7 you can follow the steps from user: Lanwench here:



I've setup the roaming profile, but when I go to a different computer that has XP the profile is different. Meaning the items I put on the desktop didn't show up on the other computer that I logged into..
Keep in mind, group policy needs to update on the machines in order for the redirection to start working.

You can force it by opening an elivated command prompt (right click, run as, admin account) and then type in:

gpupdate /force

Might require a log on or off. Try that and if that doesn't work double check the users permissions to ensure they have access to the share for their profile redirection.


How would I create a GP for only these couple of users that I want roaming without effecting the rest of the users?
You can do this with Active Directory, assign a GP to a specific group, ou, etc.


This might help a bit too, it explains how to get the policy to an OU.

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I except JRaasumaa's comment.

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