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Start Menu Problem: Right-Click, Manage Computer Broken

dantali0n asked
I have a Windows 2003 R2 x32 server that has a very odd issue.  Whenever I go to: Start->Right Click My Computer->Select "Manage" I get an "Open With" dialogue box.  Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.

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Dialogue Box
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when you run manage it launches mmc.exe

Can you run other exe files? There is a virus/malware going around that will change the registry so your computer does not recognize an .exe file.

Click Start, Run and type Command
Type the following commands one by one:

If Registry Editor opens successfully, then navigate to the following key:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ exefile \ shell \ open \ command

Double-click the (Default) value in the right pane
Delete the current value data, and then type:
"%1" %*
(ie., quote-percent-one-quote-space-percent-asterisk.)

Navigate to:

In the right-pane, set (default) to exefile
Exit the Registry Editor.
If you're unable to launch Regedit.exe even from Command Prompt, try this:

copy regedit.exe regedit.com
Executables and .msc files open with no issue (like compmgmt.msc, mspaint.exe, etc.).  It also works to go to Start->Administrative Tools->Computer Management.

The reg key you suggested also looks normal.
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ exefile \ shell \ open \ command \ (Default)

The only thing that isn't working is when I right-click computer to manage it.  How annoying!
I found the source of the problem.  An installer changed the system variable "windir" to a random location.  After changing the variable back to "C:\WINDOWS", the problem is fixed.


Located the solution to the problem myself.


Problem fixed.

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