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Configuring SSRS 2008 for remote report access

etsmyname asked
I have SSRS installed on my SQL Server 2008 server, behind the fire wall.  I want to configure it so internet users will be able to access reports, or I can embed reports on web pages.  What is the best way to configure the SSRS and still keep it out of the DMZ?  
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Database Analyst
I believe you can do that by

Basic authentication is defined in the HTTP protocol and can only be used to authenticate HTTP requests to the report server.
Credentials are passed in the HTTP request in base64 encoding. If you use Basic authentication, use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt user account information before it is sent across the network. SSL provides an encrypted channel for sending a connection request from the client to the report server over an HTTP TCP/IP connection. For more information, see Using SSL to Encrypt Confidential Data on the Microsoft TechNet Web site."

"Custom  (Anonymous)
Anonymous authentication directs the report server to ignore authentication header in an HTTP request. The report server accepts all requests, but call on a custom ASP.NET Forms authentication that you provide to authenticate the user.
Specify Custom only if you are deploying a custom authentication module that handles all authentication requests on the report server. You cannot use the Custom authentication type with the default Windows Authentication extension."

lcohanDatabase Analyst


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