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Deleted spaces between words in a .DOC & .DOCX using Office 2010 & Office 2007


I've been receiving word documents from colleagues and experiencing problems with random documents. There are times when I receive documents, they come out with deleted spaces between words.

For example if a sentence is supposed to be typed like this: Hello this is my audit report today.

The result: Hello this ismy auditreport today.

I have a screenshot to give you a visual on what I'm trying to emphasize.

here are some of the things i've done so far...change from .docx to .doc, changed font, resize text, changed the style, adjust margins, page orientation, used different computers.

*some experts online indicated a print driver update, however I dont see how that can fix it, the words are displayed like that on all computers, something's corrupted in these word documents but I can't figure out a solution. please help! thanks
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This has been reported before, but I can't recall if it was solved or not.

How are the documents transferred?

Also, in order to distinguish between a display effect and actual corrupt data, it would help to post one of the documents as opposed to simply a picture.


I went through the experts exchange forum, there are several threads with this issue, but it's usually seen when printed out, not on the document itself. I can't seem to figure out the cause of this issue.

The document(s) are mostly saved to our network drives, some are created locally and transferred through a USB drive or via email.

I'll attach a word document to show you, thanks for the response.

*please ignore the "..." between sentences, I did that to protect the confidentiality of our reports.
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This appears to be a known issue:  http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2010-word/word-2010-randomly-deleting-spaces-between-words/34682f6f-7be2-4835-9c18-907b0abd5615

Resolution appears to be ensuring SP2 is installed.

Through this link (above), you can report the problem, if their posted solution doesn't work for you.


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