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Outlook 2007 and sharing calendars and email in office

Zantis asked
Can you share your calendar and contacts with other computers in the office without an small business server running exchange or is it better to outsource and get exchange email like at godaddy that would probably take care of it.

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Your best bet would be hosted exchange to allow for shared calendars with ease. Otherwise you can publish the calendar to a server but it has none of the functionality that you get out of using outlook.

Godaddy works great for hosted exchange, and you get the benefit of adding mobile device support as well as offsite backups :)
My accounting firm used to have our exchange server running locally, but recently migrated to a hosted exchange server. I don't think it matters whether you have it hosted or local, because both ways will allow you to share user calenders. If you go into outlook > calender tab > right click calender > properties > permissions, this is where you share your calenders according to the users at your work. Now, if you have it hosted, you might be able to configure this in a provisioning console depending on the service subscribe to (ex: go daddy, google.. etc).


The reason this came up is I had a customer that assumed that calendar and email could be shared at any time.  She must have come from a company that had an exchange server in house.  As I figured they would either need a small business server running exchange or a hosted exchange server.  but they currently don't have either and was pretty sure that it was not possible in their current situation.

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