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Outlook 2010 Shared Calendar reminders

Is it possible to enable reminders from a shared calendar?  I read somewhere that from Outlook 2010 this is now available but I've tested it and it doesn't appear to work.

Using Exchange 2003

If not, are there any plugins or 3rd party apps that will allow all of the calendar features built into Outlook AND allow for reminders when using a shared calendar?

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Let me try that.
No dice, I've added the 'shared' calendars mailbox and still no reminder.

I can't believe this isn't available out of the box....

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It needs to be a shared folder, not a public mailbox apparently. I got mine to work but took some tweaking.
If I try add the account then I get an error indicating:"

"Cannot display the folder.  Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location.  The operation failed.  An object cannot be found"

The account is fine as I can load it no problem in a seperate profile.  

If I try to  add the mailbox I can see the calendar but I don't get a reminder.

I've added the user will with full permission to the mailbox I am trying to get the reminders working from the calendar.

This was using Outlook 2010 on both machines.
JR, can you explain further how you got this work?  From everything I'm reading.. the version of Outlook is irrelevant as you'll never get a reminder via shared calendars.  Has to do with primary account mailbox.  Outlook 2010 let's  you load more than 1 exchange account which should allow you to then see the calendar items but I'm having trouble getting both accounts to load.
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Hi, GDavis193.

There's a 3rd-party tool called Reminder Manager that will give you what you're looking for.
In order for me to get it to work I opened up my account settings, clicked on my exchange account, clicked "change account" and went to more settings. In there is a list of "additional mailboxes" to open. When I did this I was able to get reminders when "Used cached Exchange Mode" was checked off.

Try it out, otherwise a third party tool might be an easier solution as this seems to be buggy.

Odd, even Outlook 2010 is not supposed to give you reminders by adding additional mailboxes.  You have to load a mail account in order to get the reminders to show.  Are you certain you are seeing the shared calendar reminders and not the primary calendar reminders?  Also, when you say checked off, did you mean unchecked (not running cached exchange mode) or did you mean checked (running in cached exchange mode)?

I want to stay clear of a 3rd party util (most don't support Outlook 2010 64bit) as my client will be dumping huge amounts of data into this and I don't want him to have to do this again.

Im having a bit of difficulty understanding the steps you are taking.

"If I try add the account then I get an error indicating:" - GDavis193
"Cannot display the folder.  Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location.  The operation failed.  An object cannot be found"

"If I try to  add the mailbox I can see the calendar but I don't get a reminder." - GDavis193

Are both of these actions not the same?
Why are you getting an error with one but not the other?

Did you check to see that Outlook 2010 had SP1 installed?

Are you sure that both the accounts are exchange accounts?
Exchange Accounts, meaning you have your own Exchange Server, in House.
Not something hosted over the internet.

As Multiple Exchange Account are supported in 2010 with Full Fidelity
Meaning if you are loading both exchange accounts into Outlook 2010, you should get reminders for both.


Now, Outlook 2010 provides you with full capability to open multiple Exchange mailboxes. All of the mailboxes have full message fidelity and you have access to all of the content in all of those mailboxes (that is, you don’t need a PST for calendars, tasks, contacts, etc.). All of the Exchange mailboxes are treated as primary mailboxes, so you get all your reminders and notifications. All of the Exchange mailboxes can also be cached locally into an OST for speedy offline access.

Now this is NOT done by adding it as an additional Mailbox, it must be added as another exchange account.
TO do this, you must be out of outlook
GO to Control Panel
Open Mail Options
Click on E-mail Accounts

In the accounts window
You should see your current account
Select NEW Account
Email Account>Other
Choose Configure Server manually
Enter your exchange Server's name
Turn off Cached Exchange Mode
Enter the name of the mailbox\user account you want to add
Check or verify the account is recognized

Once Verified, Next, Finish

Now open Outlook

You will see in the Nav Pane the account is added
Just as if it was added through Additional Mailbox, but this way is entirely different
This is an Actual 2nd Exchange Account in your single outlook profile, that provides all the functional items of an FULL Exchange Account

If the above cannot be completed, I would question the type of "Exchange" Accounts you are trying to use

OK so let me clarify.  

I am using Outlook 2010 w/ Sp1.  I've added an actual Exchange account (so under Accounts I see 2) and not simply added the additional mailbox.  

This is local Exchange 2003 server.

The error I received about accessing the folders was caused by permission issues.  I added my test account full permissions and this corrected the error.  I still don't see reminders from the second added Exchange account calendar.

I will try disabling cached exchange mode but I don't see why this would cause reminders to fail as they work fine on the primary account using cached exchange mode.

Tried it from another computer w/ 2010 and it works.

Now I need to see why this computer is giving me fits.

Thanks for the help everyone.
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I see this thread is six months old, but still relevant because I had the question this morning. Based upon my attempt to follow Apache09's post, which I just did a few minutes ago, I would like to add a few comments.

I am the primary calendar owner. The office secretary is sharing. Apache09 is correct that adding my exchange account to Control Panel -> Mail Options on the secretary's computer will enable her to get reminders from my calendar, but there are two catches (based upon my experience this morning).

1. Every time she starts Outlook, she will have to enter my credentials and her credentials (our Outlook does not remember credentials even if the "Remember My Credentials" box is checked.) If she does not enter my credentials when prompted for them, she will not be able to get reminders from my calendar.

2. If she uses my credentials, she will have full access to all of my email and all calendars shared or not. When I receive a new email, she will get a pop-up notification just like me.

If you would like a little more detail about what I experienced, read on. Once I have added my account to her Mail Options, when she starts Outlook, before Outlook opens, she will be prompted to logon to my Exchange account which, of course, requires my credentials. If she enters her credentials, Outlook will reject it and ask her to try again. If she enters my credentials or just clicks the Cancel button, Outlook will open. Once Outlook opens it immediately prompts her to logon to her account. Our system is not configured to remember credentials, so even if the "Remember Credentials" box is checked, Outlook will not remember it. I would have to give her my credentials which in our organization constitutes a security violation. I could do it anyway and probably not get caught, but I don't want anyone to have access to all of my emails.

I tried adding my account, copying the calendar using right click -> copy calendar, but when I remove the account it removes the copy.