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Exchange 2008 Distribution List

Roger Roman Jr
I have a distribution list created in exchange that forwards emails to 3 other employees within the domain.  Right now, when the email is forwarded to my account I see who it came from within outlook.  

Is there a way to mask who it came from with the distribution group's name so that I know that it was sent to the distribution group and will read the email sooner than if it just showed who sent it in which I might not look at the email as soon as I can.

This is for scheduling appts within my organization.

Hopefully this makes sense.
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Top Expert 2012
Unfortunatley, if someone forwards you the email or Invite

Unless they use Send As or change the From field to the Distribution Groups Name you will only see the individual it was sent from.

Not the Distribution Groups Name.

Heres what I would do though if you want to bring a Higher Sense of Attention to these emails.

Note down the users of the distribution group.

If you dont know all of them, simply create a new email, add the ditribution group, then click on the "+" to expand the users

Once Noted, Depending on Outlook Client Version, I would go to

Outlook 2003: Tools-> Organize…

Outlook 2007: Tools-> Organize…

Outlook 2010: tab View-> button View Settings-> button Conditional Formatting

Here I would Apply conditions to Emails you receive, from any of these users or the Distribution Group.
You can add the condition id the Distribution Groups Name appears in Subject or Body (Which it would if forwarded)

Then change the Font to BOLD or Italics.
You can even change the color to RED or GREEN

Then Apply ot turn on.

Now if you receive an email from any of these users, or an email thatr has the DG Name in the Subject or Body it will automatically be color coded to RED, GREEN or what ever color you would like

Here are some other quick tips on using color coding to make viewing your emails much easier


Roger Roman JrDirector of Information Technology


Thanks apache09...I will give that a try as soon as I get back to the office.

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