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Move Sharepoint databases to new SQL server with same name as old SQL server

The server guys have built a new SQL server with the same name as the old one.  They say it will use the same IP.

How do I move all the databases, including content, config, sharedservices, sharedservice_search, admin - all the database?  Again they made the new SQL server the same name as the old one, differnt box. There is no practice area availble.  
Old sql server is 2005 new one is 2008.
Working with Moss 2007

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You actually didnt have to make them the same name, you could have used the CLIConfg utility in the system32 folder to create a SQL alias.
In fact I think it would be better if you did NOT have them the same name, then you can keep 2005 up on production as long as you need to ensure that the migration goes through.
is it SQL 08 or SQL 08R2?


here is a tech document that explains migrations from SQL 2000 and 2005 to 2008


The idea to name the new SQL server the same as the old is from a contractor.  They didn't ask me.  I've seen posts on alias' and CLIConfig - that does seem a better way to go.  
I will look at the 500 page document you referenced.  
But from what I've read you can move the sharepoint content dbs over ok but it gets a little tricky with all the other dbs ( config, sharedservices, sharedservice_search, admin ) .  Are there any ideas on moving these?

Other than issues related to the actual database migration from 2k5 to 2k8, sharepoint should care. one of the potential issues is that if database access is through sql users as opposed to windows users, they would have to be recreated and readded to each database to register the new SID
Sharepoint should care LESS, that is.

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