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creating a new sql server 2008 database


This is no doubt a stupid question....

I had sql server 2005 installed for ages and have a lot of 2005 databases.

I installed sql server 2008 but can't create a 2008 database, I only have 2005 as an option.

How can I get the ability to create a 2008 version?
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It depends the name of the sql instance, and you need to make sure you connect to that instance to be able to control it.  Instead of SQLSERVER or SQLEXPRESS it may be SQLSERVER2 or such.  You can go to the configuration tools and configuration manager to ensure the service is running as well as the service name.


I can only see a mention of the sqlexpress instance.... which is the 2005 version?

if you installed 2008 as well it could be under a different configuration utility.  I know in windows 7 it can be found at:

C:\Windows\System32\mmc.exe /32 C:\Windows\system32\SQLServerManager10.msc


I've attached what I get when I run it and right clicked properties on the service.... screen shot of config manager
Yes I do understand that but 2008 may have a different configuration utility.  You could try looking under your services menu or again, look through program files for another instance of  SQL installed and you need to find the name it is using as the service so that you may connect to it.  A good example is that I just did an install of 2005 and 2008 and the 2008 was called AWSSQLEXPRESS since it was on an amazon cloud.
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>>I installed sql server 2008 but can't create a 2008 database, I only have 2005 as an option.<<
That would be because you are attempting to create the database on the 2005 instance as opposed to the 2008 instance.

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